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      Hello, welcome to visit Andorra stands big envelope machinery co., LTD



      WF29A automatic envelope paper bag machine

      Product introduction:

      WF29A is improved on the basis of WF29. Suitable for larger size products.

      WF29A automatic envelope paper bag machine is the introduction of foreign advanced technology, combining with domestic industry characteristics. It has been successfully developed by our company and is the most advanced envelope processing equipment in China.

      The bottom of air suction type is reliable for paper system.

      The paper positioning structure is easy to adjust.

      The longitudinal and transverse indentation areas can also ensure the accuracy of the finished products under the high-speed operation of the machine.

      The shape of the rotary sizing adhesive to any wiper line;

      The folding device with the suction roller can be stabilized at high speed.

      The collection site has electronic counting and automatic charging device.

      The relevant information
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