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      Hello, welcome to visit Andorra stands big envelope machinery co., LTD



      WF240 automatic envelope paper bag machine

      Product introduction:

      Top Speed: 7000 PCS/HOUR

      Suitable for paper Gsm: 80-150g/m2

      Product minimum specification Min bag size: 120 * 200mm

      Weight Weight: 2300 KG

      Max bag size: 365 * 520mm

      The machine sizeOverall dimension(L×W×H)

      The total powerTotal power: 7 KW

      WF240 type automatic envelope bag machine as one of the important specifications of series products, mainly used for medium and large envelope, and the sealing stickers envelope, the machine has high production efficiency, stable performance and adjust the operation convenient, compact structure, etc.

      The design of this machine also takes into account the need of thick paper processing.

      The base of the suction paper pile is reliable for the paper body, and the paper is not to be stopped, and the grating positioning and folding mechanism with the suction roller is fast and stable and the folding is accurate.

      At the same time, it is possible to adjust the width of the envelope (paper bag) without stopping. The sizing mechanism can adjust the amount of glue to ensure that the sizing is uniform and easy to clean.

      Note: this machine can add the sticker (from type paper) or the glue function.

      The relevant information
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