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      Hello, welcome to visit Andorra stands big envelope machinery co., LTD



      What are the advantages of an envelope machine?

      Release time:2017-05-31   Focus on the number of:

      What are the advantages of an envelope machine? With the development of science and technology, the products are constantly being transformed and the products are able to meet people's needs. Why products are so widely used, as follows, is an introduction to the relevant features and concepts of the product:

      The characteristics of the machine structure:

      The envelope machine can be western-compatible and can be processed 1-9 Chinese envelope and 2-7 western envelope and all kinds of non-standard paper bags in this range. It adopts the international popular flat type paper feed structure, combined with air suction paper extraction, gas suction at the bottom of the fence lateral fold, tanks wheel conveying rollers, the longitudinal fold advanced institutions such as the quality is stable and reliable, high production efficiency, convenient adjustment, mass and continuous operation is the ideal equipment of multiple varieties and small batch processing envelope.

      Technical parameters:

      Maximum working speed: 12000pcs/h

      Chinese style: 90 times 100-324 x 229mm. 90 times 100-230 times 160mm

      Adapt paper: 80-200g/m2

      Power capacity: 4.5 kw

      Machine weight: 1500kg

      Size: 3950x 1000x1250mm

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