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      Hello, welcome to visit Andorra stands big envelope machinery co., LTD



      Details of how the envelope machine works

      Release time:2017-05-31   Focus on the number of:

      Envelopes machine working principle details: machine products is advancing with The Times, the scope is very broad, it now is that as human demand arises at the historic moment, and science and technology is fundamental to promote the product progress. The product is continuously modified, and the performance is greatly improved, as follows, the related knowledge about the product is introduced:

      The envelope machine

      Envelope machine technical parameters:

      Maximum working speed: 12000pcs/h

      Chinese style: 90 times 100-324 x 229mm. 90 times 100-230 times 160mm

      Adapt paper: 80-200g/m2

      Power capacity: 4.5 kw

      Machine weight: 1500kg

      Size: 3950x 1000x1250mm

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